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Boundary Waters Text Page

This page is for all of you kiddies who still want to hear about our Boundary Waters trip, but don't want to wait for the maps to load. The maps will give you a better idea of the trip, but the stories are still pretty good. So Insanity Central's given you an alternative. Here you go...

Preparing for the trip and the drive there

Day 1 - July 19, 2000

The landing where we started and ended the trip
Taking our first break from paddling
Looking back at Sucker Lake
Pictures from our first campsite
Stories from our first day

Day 2 - July 20, 2000

Our first portage!
Portaging the Knife River
Going around a cool waterfall and meeting up with some wildlife
Starting to rain in the middle of Knife Lake
Attacked by seagulls!
Campsite #2 - on a storm-damaged bluff
Stories from our second day

Day 3 - July 21, 2000

Checking out Thunder Point
Eating raw Koolaid in Canada
Where do we go from here?!?
Crossing the Little Knife Portage
Loon crossing!
In the passing lane...
It's been a long day!
Stories from our third day

Day 4 - July 22, 2000

Hilly portage!
Awesome campsite on Cherry Lake with view cliffs
Checking out the cliffs in the canoe
View from the top of the cliffs
Small waterfall near the cliffs
Stories from our fourth day

Day 5 - July 23, 2000

Where's the portage?
Awesome waterfall between Knife and Eddy Lakes
Our campsite on the South Arm of the Knife Lake
Stories from our fifth day

Day 6 - July 24, 2000

Portaging through the Kekekabic Ponds
Our campsite on Kekekabic Lake
Stories from our sixth day

Day 7 - July 25, 2000

What's that in the sky?
Why yes, it's a thunderstorm
It's the man-eating puddle!
The portage of doom!
Outrunning the storm
Campsite on Vera Lake - with a thunderstorm
Stories from our seventh day

Day 8 - July 26, 2000

Finally, a calm lake
The last portage!
Campsite on Horseshoe Island, and site of the flying squirrel attack
Stories from our eighth day

Day 9 - July 27, 2000

The landing at the end of the trip
The drive home

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