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The Man-eating Puddle

Well, here's an interesting story. For some reason I decided to take the canoe on the first trip just to get it out of the way. It was only a 30-rod portage, less than 1/10 of a mile. I hoisted the canoe on my shoulders, started walking, and saw this puddle. I figured other people have stepped in here, it's OK. Well, my left leg got sucked up past the knee into the puddle and I came awfully close to dropping the canoe. I'm sure it was an interesting sight for Shawn and Tracy, who gathering gear behind me. Once I freed myself from the man-eating puddle, I started on the portage. Of course, there was a tree down blocking the portage. I stepped over the tree and waited for those guys to catch up to help put the canoe back on my shoulders. I had to wash my leg off in the lake when we got to Skoota Lake.

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