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Attacked by Seagulls!

As we were perusing the area, looking for the campsite that had been recommended, we noticed some seagulls out sitting on a rock in the middle of this inlet. We thought nothing of them and continued paddling toward them. They started making a bunch of noise as we got near their rock.

As we were finding out that the good campsite was occupied, we heard a squawk and a swishing noise as the seagulls began to dive bomb our canoe. They were coming within a foot or so of our heads. We paddled pretty hard to get away from them. We kept going east as the map looks like there is water in between the place where that campsite was and the main shores of Knife Lake.

Well, there wasn't. Cattails and reeds had grown so thick it was impossible to get through them. Yep, we had to brave the seagulls again. We noticed a couple of fledglings (mini-seagulls) lurking behind the rock. This time we stayed further away from them. We got a couple of warning swoops, but nothing near as close as a few minutes before. Now that was interesting...

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