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Our First Campsite on Birch Lake

Here's us unpacking our stuff at our the campsite. It was a pretty cool site. There was a nice sandy area to bring the canoe in, plenty of firewood within walking distance, a rocky area near the fire pit (the fire pit is in the foreground in line with the front of the canoe). We tried swimming although the temperature wasn't all that warm (it had frosted the night before). There was also a pretty cool cliff to explore just east of the campsite. This view is facing west.

Earlier in the day, while we were on Newfound and Sucker Lakes, it was bright and sunny. This is Tracy and I showing off the neopolitan feet and legs look. Tan toes, pale foot,tan foot, sandal-colored black, pale foot, tan leg, sunburnt leg, and pale leg again. It looked pretty funny for the whole trip.

A loon that kept checking us out and diving for food around our campsite. Notice that the clouds are getting darker. You know what that means...

Yep, it started to rain. Thankfully after we were able to make some dinner. Spaghetti with Catsup and Mrs. Dash. This picture is the rain putting out our campfire for us. I think those shoes on the rock were wet anyway, so it didn't matter. Note the canoe flipped over so it doesn't fill with rainwater!

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