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Campsite on the South Arm of Knife Lake

This may be my favorite picture from the entire trip. Hey, I just think sunset pictures are cool and this one's great! I'm looking west toward that island that kinda looks like a hammer (look at the map... c'mon you'll see it). With the clouds moving in, it kinda halted any stargazing, though. For the first part of the night just after sunset, we could see most of the stars. However, as the clouds moved in, they obscured any further viewing. I was hoping to see the northern lights. I haven't seen them since I stayed up all night at scout camp one year watching them. And that was about 10 years ago.

Well, we had been puzzled since the 3rd night out here about a strange noise coming from different locations. It kinda sounded like two sticks being rubbed together, or maybe rotten wood creaking, or something like that. First we heard it in a woodpile on Ester Lake. Then it was underneath a log bench on Cherry Lake. This night it was underneath our bench again. We found this bug. Which is like no other bug I've ever seen. I know from this direction and with the flash he looks like a grasshopper, but he definitely isn't a grasshopper. He has antennae that are longer than the rest of his body. And he could fly, not like grasshoppers, he could hover. So, I had to snap a picture of this mutant bug. He never did make any noise, so we never did figure out what was making that noise.

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