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Off the portage trail

As we were carrying the canoe over this portage, we swore we could hear some wildlife noises off to the side of the trail. Upon further inspection, these wood ducks appeared. Brian, being stalked by ducks, was not surprised at this find. That's the Knife River off to the right.

These ducks were not at all afraid, and allowed me to walk up very close to them for a picture. I quacked Hello a couple times and then returned to the portage.

We were interested in seeing what we were portaging around, so we walked along the Knife River and found this small waterfall. I waded out in the knee-deep water to snag a picture. The bottom was rather uneven and rocky, so it was an adventure getting out there. I nearly plunged a couple times.

Shawn and Tracy decided to wade in and take a closer look at this waterfall. The current was definitely pretty fast in this location, and it's amazing that no one took the plunge into the water, which was pretty brisk this day, too.

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