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Exploring the Cliffs of Cherry Lake

This view is from the top of the cliffs on Cherry Lake. We canoed over to where there a portage (and a tough one at that) goes up to Lunar Lake, north and much higher than Cherry Lake. We just left our canoe at the Cherry Lake end and hiked up to Lunar Lake. Not only did the trail go through a swampy boggy area, but when you got through that, it went up very steeply on a narrow path where one side plunged about 20 feet straight down to a rapid-y stream below. I don't know how anyone coulda done that with a canoe. Plus, some of the trail had caved in toward the stream. It was definitely interesting. On top of all of that, a beaver dam was holding Lunar Lake in place. You would have actually had to place the canoe above you to put it in the water. Anyway, about the picture! Off to one side of the trail, there was a spot that looked marginally climb-able. Somehow we scrambled up without plunging. This view was the reward.

This picture was taken as we headed toward the waterfall we had heard earlier. You had to watch your step and make sure you didn't jump too far, 'cause it was a long way down and there were definitely some sharp, pointy trees and rocks in your way. Tracy was still at the top when I looked up, so this is him about to start heading down. And no, that's not the sun hurtling into the picture ready to incinerate us, it's my hat, which was in the way in a few other pictures, too.

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