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Awesome Eddy Falls

We knew there was a waterfall lurking between Knife and Eddy Lakes. So after we set up camp on the South Arm of the Knife, we headed over to check it out. And, man, was it a huge waterfall! This picture is of Tracy and Shawn off to the side of the waterfall.

This picture was taken where Tracy and Shawn were standing in the first picture. The rocky areas looked like they just might be big enough to walk up on... And that looks like a lot of water flowing down this falls.

This was taken from about halfway up the waterfall. In the windstorm, a tree had fallen over the falls. I started to walk out on this tree, but my balance wasn't that good and it's a pretty narrow tree. Not to mention the pointy rocks below!

We finally couldn't resist and had to try to walk around in the waterfall. It took a lot of coordination to get up to the second level and plenty of strength to avoid getting biffed off the rocks by the water. I started out where Shawn is in this picture and made it through that part in the middle to a calmer part where I am now. Of course the water was freezing (the look on my face is probably one of shock), but it was great. All three of us went all over this part of the waterfall. It was a little steep and slippery to get any higher. There was a little whirlpool-y area right in front of where Shawn is, and below me, just behind where that log is blocking the view. That was fun, as it was like a spa in a hotel or something, except for the rocks, the cold water, the trees, and the moss. OK, maybe it's not like a hotel spa (well, some of 'em might be kinda like that). You can see the tree from the previous picture at the top of this picture. This was a really LOUD place to be, too. With all that water flowing, you couldn't hear what someone was saying unless they were within a few feet of you while you were close to the falls. Also, there was enough room in parts of the falls just to the left of me right now where you could put most of your body behind the falls, now that was cool! This place right here is enough to get me to go back to the Boundary Waters any time!

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