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Knife Lake

Where's the portage?!? Large Waterfall between Eddy and Knife Lakes A storm's a-brewin This could get interesting... Day 5 Awesome Campsite on the South Arm of the Knife Lake Portaging the Kekekabic Ponds Campsite on a bluff on Kekekabic Lake Day 6 Beautiful Thunder Point Our campsite on a bluff across from Thunder Point Day 2 Where do we go now? Mmm... Raw Koolaid! Day 4 Spectacular Campsite on Cherry Lake with view of cliffs Canoeing near the Cherry Lake Cliffs A view from atop the cliff A small waterfall between Cherry and Lunar Lakes Gently Sloping ... Yeah, right!

Numbers are where our campsites were each night. Black dots show our route. White dots indicate a particular area of interest. Click on them and go to story about what happened there. Yellow dots show locations where pictures were taken. You know there'll be some comments with those pictures, too. Red lines show the topography. Closer spacing of red lines means steeper terrain.