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Brian's sound files



Brian's sound files are all in wav format. Click on them and wait a mini-moment for some insane goodness. Each has an actual description and some have an insane look at how its used here at OU.

Now with Phantom Menace pod race morsels, yip-yip aliens, ducks, and husks!

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Ren getting his latest issue of Husk
Ren after donating his fur to Stimpy for their hairball business, or a loss at Mah Jongg
Ren going insane, just like I do after spending endless hours doing homework
Ren, or me, when someone repeatedly asks something
Ren threatens Stimpy and Sven, or me threatening the guy who set off the fire alarm at 2 AM
Mr. Horse expressing his thoughts on a bad situation, or, a common expression of disgust around here.
When things get too much for Ren, or me, we say...
What we like to do in our spare time, and why National Geographic Explorer is funny.
Around Wednesday, the announcer from Ren & Stimpy and I say...


Principal Skinner explaining why science is so cool
Homer Simpson threatening his brain
Homer's upset about shaving
NO TV AND NO BEER do what to Homer?
What's wrong with colored chalk, according to Groundskeeper Willie
Grandpa Simpson is in love, or is it something else?
Intel inside?


Duckman responding to an unsavory character
Duckman pondering life, women, and fortune
Duckman's father's last words to him.


Why the Leprechaun goes crazy and mauls people in creative ways over and over again.
A victim of the Lep screaming in pain.


Zorak's evil laugh, and the welcome to insanity central
Spacey, Zorak, and Schoolie(?) brawling over who 'the man' really is
Space Ghost telling you why you can't go to Bobcat Goldthwaite's party.
Zorak threatening Space Ghost, or you?
How do you like your larvae?
A real threat to Zorak's health.
Are you scared of yard gnomes?


Jody, the typical horror movie mini-kid, getting scolded
Jody's Mom using the corpse in the living room as an excuse to brush off her feisty boyfriend
Jody's Schoolteacher (yes, there are classes all summer) becoming corpse #4
A 4th of July BBQer can't find an important utensil. Wonder why?
An insightful mini-kid with his astounded father
Isaac Hayes character Jed shows compassion for the mini-kids still in the corpse-riddled park
Isaac Hayes' reaction to the mini-kids' explanation of the murderous rampage by the evil reincarnated soldier
Isaac Hayes insulting the evil villain
Jody still wants to be like his Uncle Sam


Some mutant creature getting checked into the wall
This stupid looking thing crashing into a pole in the cave
Tuscan raiders camped out...
Sebulba's Al Pacino impression
Announcer describing a crash


Leslie Nielsen showing just how serious he can be in "Airplane"
The Cryptkeeper at his best
Goatboy from Saturday Night Live 'Remembering the 80's' with 'Grelax.'
Moo, it's a mad cow!
The Home Run baseball from ESPN's baseball tonight, or Jeremy after getting too loud with the opera.
What the homework problem or test says when you think 1+1=3 (like some CTB-lover).
A perfect laugh from Scooby Doo, and the system beep on my computer.
The original Blues Brothers speaking their famous line before heading on into Chicago

Warning: The mosquito noise may take a while to load, but it's well worth it!

The infamous mosquito noise that's been plaguing the human race since 1995.
The even-more-infamous chant of "Sching Sching Demi Demi Demi Sching Sching"
The cryptkeeper again, preparing you for his next episode.
The cryptkeeper's thoughts on someone's obsession with beauty. Nice cackle at the end!
From the X-Files: Someone's worried about their cows.
Another evil cackle, some guy impersonating that little mutant thing from Star Wars called Salacious Crumb.
Fiddling with the controls on my computer yielded this demented sound byte. Kinda big, though.
I finally gave in and snagged some chihuahua sounds. Here he's trying to capture Godzilla.
Now he realizes a cardboard box isn't gonna work.
The best part from National Lampoon's Vacation
Curly from 3 Stooges with his trademark whoop!
Dave Letterman's take on the tastes of America
New take on the TV Rating system!
Pittsburgh Penguins hockey announcer after they score a goal. I love this one!
Steve Yzerman of the Detroit Red Wings scores the game-winning goal in double overtime against the St. Louis Blues in the 1996 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Note: I missed this one live because it was scored in the first minute of double overtime and I was stuck in traffic!
By request, the severe beating of a chipmunk.
The yip-yip aliens from Sesame Street: Note this is a '.au' file.
Me, saying "When you've said reeve's muntjac, you've said it all.": Yes, it's wrong.
The quacking Mission: Impossible duck


The Daily Wav. A new sound every day. You can't get much more chipper than that.

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