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Pictures from the 1997 Storm Chase Season, more of '98 coming soon!

Check out a summary of the 5/24/98 chase to Wakita here:May 24

March 27, 1997: A Low Precipitation (LP) Supercell Thunderstorm lurking over the University of Oklahoma's Owen Field, on its way to Tulsa.

March 27, 1997: That same storm about an hour later, approaching Tulsa.

May 1, 1997: A healthy storm popping up in the Texas panhandle approximately 25 miles northwest of Childress.

The team waiting for storms to develop on April 6, 1998.

Waiting at Patrick's house for some videos.

Sitting on the chase vehicle (to be named soon) at a Pizza Hut in Cherokee, OK, waving goodbye to the dryline.

Wider view of last picture.

Me trying to get the timer on the digital camera to work.

1999 Pix coming soon!

Thanks goes to the Doppler Laser Fast Action First Alert Storm Tracker Severe Weather Team for their chasing experience. Check the team's webpage for summaries of all chases and even more pictures.

Team members include(d):

Kevin Scharfenberg
Patrick Burke
Ben Geerdes
Chris Jackson
Brian Crumpler
Erin Maxwell

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